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        Packaging intention Customer telephone consultation package, put forward packing bag request

        Free measurement design Professional staff to make design drawings according to customer requirements, exchange delivery cycle

        Sign a contract According to the packing scheme confirmed by both parties, sign the order of packing bag and pay earnest money

        Die proof production Mould proof production, spray mark LOGO

        Return visit effect 30 days after the completion of the package, call back to use effect

        Contact us

        DongGuan Zhenzhi Metal&Plastic Products Co. Ltd
        Add:No. 1, 2nd Beiyuan Road, Lianhu Village, Tangxia Town, Dongguan, Guangdong Provice
        Contact: Mr. Hong
        Company phone:0769-87929401
        Company fax:0769-87929400
        Company post code:523712


        Our packing bags make your products
        enjoy a good World Tour

        • 20 years focus on R & D-- Lead plastic packaging fashion

          Professional R & D, production of daily chemicals, food, clothing and other integrated industry plastic packaging bags Technology R & D team has 20 years of industry experience, continuous innovation, leading the industry standards Packaging fashionable, beautiful and practical, help you create high-end product image

        • Introduce advanced production line-- The style and delivery time are guaranteed

          It has a modern factory with thousands of square meters There are more than one automatic computer printing machine, many production lines for 365 days without interruption production, annual capacity up to thousands of tons Continuous introduction of advanced equipment, only for the production of more specialized plastic packaging bags products

        • Strictly control raw materials and production links-- Guarantee product quality

          Year round designated industry well-known plastic products, raw materials suppliers Production site strictly carry out quality control, each link is strictly checked Strictly in accordance with the production process, from raw materials inspection to finished products, strict control of product quality

        • Personalized customization-- Here is your exclusive packing design

          According to customer requirements, tailor-made for customer products Provide a range of solutions that cost the least amount of money to get the best packaging Stable supply, fast delivery cycle, a wide range of products

        Company profile

        DongGuan Zhenzhi Metal&Plastic Products Co. Ltd, set up in Tangxia, Dongguan in 2000, is a comprehensive company that majors in manufacturing plastic packing materials. The headquarter locates at Tangxia, Dongguan, with two branches situating at Suzhou and Xiamen, respectively. Besides, a branch in Hong Kong has also been set up. Under the endeavor of all staff members, our company has become one of the largest companies in manufacturing plastic packing materials around the Pearl River delta area, and our products have been sold in America, Japan, the Europe, Southern America and Southeast Asia.

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